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Water heater repair & installation

We service and repair all brands of water heaters; Gas, electric, propane, it doesn't matter. We can get you back online.


Drain blockages​

We can handle whatever drain blockage you throw at us, we've seen it before, I promise you. We have several methods we use to clear and diagnose blockages. We look to provide long term solutions rather than quick fixes that'll just get you backed up again in the future.  




​Bathroom renovation

Anything you want to do to your bathroom will be easy with Dyson Plumbing. We regularly assist DIY minded homeowners on achieving their dream bathrooms.  We also regularly work with discerning general contractors who only accept the best..



Kitchen renovation

You wont be surprised to find out that Dyson Plumbing is adept at achieving anything you need done in your dream kitchen. We are happy to install fixtures you pick out or lend you our decades of expierence in choosing the best fixtures for you and your home .

Backflow device testing

What even is a backflow device and why would you need it tested? A backflow device is a testable device that is designed to prevent the cross contamination of water from outside sources. In short, it prevents bad water or toxins from flowing into the public water supply.  Many cities require you get these devices tested annually. We can set you up on a schedule and keep you compliant without you ever having to worry about it again.

​Water piping repair & installation

It goes without saying that any plumber should be able to repair any leak on any water line. That isn't impressing anyone.  Where we set ourselves apart is through our troubleshooting skills and warranties that just cant be beat!

Water Filtration

Whether you want a whole home water softener and carbon filter to get bottled water quality, to every fixture in your home or an RO filter under your sink we can do it. We are trained on several different types of water filters and softeners. Make Dyson your first call for your filtration needs!


Repair/replace/install plumbing fixtures​

Want a new toilet? A new tub? We've got you. If it's plumbing related, we can do it. Call today and find out what we can do.

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